Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Proof of Life

Well, long time no update. Here are some words...

I could go on to write a load of excuses about who, when, where and why but needless to say I have rather enjoyed my summer:

I've been Drunk (lots!). Eaten in the region of 1 whole fully grown pig at BBQs through the summer (and put on the weight to show for it!).

I've spent a week parachuting (never again, the worst 4 seconds of my life waiting for the 'chute to open!), been rock climbing for a week and spent more than a few weeks Kayaking and Canoeing in the Mediterranean.

I've shaved my legs and started road cycling, much to the disgust of my inner MTBer.
I've grown a moustache in aid of Movember (pics will follow!).

Couple all this "fun" with real work and I've had little time for my hobby.

So where am I going with my wee corner of interbewz land now? Well, here goes:

  1. Flames of war is back on the horizon (it helps it's cool enough to paint/model/for my super glue to set in a reasonable time now). I have starter building a desert Kiwi recon force, loads of wee tankettes (and a platoon of stuarts too). With Christmas I should be in a position to motivate my son to build and paint up the "Open Fire" starter set, it's his pressie but if he doesn't want it I know of a good home for it.
  2. As my interest in 40K had died faster than a suicide bomber I can haz a new hobby direction: 28mm Bolt Action miniatures. On the cards are Waffen SS (as if there aren't enough floating about), Bog standard Brits and Heer, and in the new year I should be the proud owner of Mother Russia's finest: The Red Tide!
So in closing for today, frequent service will resume, and hopefully on more than a 3 times a year basis...

...time will tell. Now, I'm off to stick together a Hetzer, Schwimmwagon and some SS tank hunters.

Nites peeps.