Monday, 5 January 2015

Homes under the hammer

So in keeping with my new target of "get things finished" I decided to ease myself back into the hobby groove by finishing off some 4Ground terrain.

I started with the houses, that only really needed to have chimneys, window sills and ledges glued on. I managed to lose a sprue of windowsills :(
First row of houses, ready for 15mm tenants...

I also built the village church, straight from the box after a wee glass of wine, no mess ups!

Ready for Sunday mass.

On the cards next; some fences /walls/grave stones to flock. I've also sorted out the start of a Battle Group Overlord British Armoured Motor Infantry Platoon, I just need to finish 2 more sections, their M5 half tracks and the various pltn support (mortar, HMG, anti-tank). I think I've got a few Churchills kicking around too...

Battlefront 7th Armoured Div Normandy infantry (no helmets).

Now, where the hell are my paint brushes????

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