Wednesday, 14 January 2015

When's an M5 half track not an M5?

When you realise you've bought a box of M3 half tracks, complete with US crew for your Brit force. D'oh!
You'd think the American infantry would be a big give away!

Having also received my copy of Battle Group Overlord (BGO) I've been busy beavering away on list building and shopping lists too. No doubt my US half tracks will see use in a future build for BGO at some point in time.

2 and 1/2 infantry sections.

I also received a box of Plastic Soldier Company late war Brit infantry. First impressions are they are better sculpts than my battlefront metal infantry (they have better scaled feet, hands and heads) and I'll be interested to see how they compare with the Peter Pig and Skytrex stuff I have in a box.

On the painting desk.

On the desk I have the battlefront Desert Rats in Normandy infantry. I'm going for a layer painting approach but they have very fine creases in the clothing so I'm having to be creative in my application of paint to the folds. Going for about 5 layers on the uniform, inspired muchly by this site: Modelbrush ww2 Brit painting guide

So, I need to buy some half tracks, anyone got a few going cheap?

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  1. You choob. . . Looking forward to seeing you do something though.