Monday, 28 January 2013

For the Motherland! part 3

Part three of "For the Motherland!" sees me deviate from my plan (as usual). Instead of sticking plastic Russians together I decided to wade into my T34/76 (1941 turret) by Warlordgames.

Painting in Progress pics:

 Basic block painted, I was going to airbrush but didn't have the time to setup and faff about. The slogan is bigger than i wanted but A) I can't paint fine details too well and B) I don't have a heap of stowage to add to this beast, the right flank looked a little bare. Given it's a small turreted 76 (not a big 85) I thought the slogan would look better on the side of the tank. It might not be historically accurate but erm it's mine and I like it this way?!?

According to Google Translate it "should" read "old beauty" but probably says something horrible about my mother/dog/wife/your sister etc... I went with "old beauty" as I will be using this in a 1944 list and thought the crew would have named their ride who has served them well in dozens of engagements with Mr Hun.

 I smashed out some chipping too, German Grey, Ivory and Gunmetal.

 More of the same.

 Scale shot so you get an idea of how compact this is compared to some other stuff, makes a change from 40K tanks!

The driver, Stan(islav). He's just needing a flesh wash to finish him off.

Something I thought I'd try out, video clips. I first saw this on MODEL DADS and was impressed by their video reviews of products. This is only MK1 video, I had to strip the audio as my camera seemed to have a shed load of hiss during playback. I need to work on a mechanism to rotate the turntable at a constant speed, now where did I put my lego technics?

Black and brown oils added, still slightly wet so the camera has picked up some patchiness, this will be sorted with a clean brush and white spirit later when it's dried a bit more.

Stan(islav) in all his 20 minute glory. I need to learn how to paint eyes.

So, T34 needs pigments then she is done. Working on nights these next few days will allow me to concentrate on building my plastics (honest) and also painting up my 4 Tankodesantniki (and Sapper SG43 gunner!).

Until next time...


  1. Looks fantastic the weathering and the name slogan is really good.

  2. Very very nice job on that T-34 dude, weathering is spot on :)

    Is it me or do the Bolt action tanks seem slightly out of scale compared to the infantry? seem a tad small

    Also I have found some models I will send your way soon.........I'll fire you an email with pictures of em :)

  3. I love the graffiti - always been a fan of that on Soviet tanks!